There are 2 common definitions:
  1. A canned meat product produced by the Hormel Corporation.
  2. The unwanted sending of bulk electronic messages and/or advertisements. While usually referred to as an e-mail message, spam originally developed through Usenet postings, and now encompasses the practice of any unsolictied advertisement or message sent to a large audience through any internet medium. It has long been considered an unethical and rude practice that has deteriorated into criminal activity and fraud.

Why is it called "spam?"

Believe it or not, it comes directly from the following Monty Python sketch. Despite a woman's objection and dislike for spam, everyone else in the room shouts "spam" over & over, drowning out any complaint she has to make, much like how we repeatedly receive the same messages over & over again, and nothing we say or do will make them stop.

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What about legitimate spam?

If you recieve an unsolicited advertisement in your e-mail, you only have to remember one simple thing to determine whether it is worth responding to:

There is NO SUCH THING as legitimate spam.

It's that simple. No if's, and's or but's. That is ALL you have to remember about unsolicited e-mail. All spam is perpetrated by con artists, petty crooks, and organized crime rings. No legitimate business will ever send unsolicited bulk e-mail. Hopefully, you are not finding this site because you bought something through spam and are trying to figure out why you haven't received anything and why the "company" isn't returning your e-mails. If everyone would just follow that one simple rule, spam would most likely get wiped out of existence, since there is no one buying anything to support the spammers.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and spammers are bilking the public of billions of dollars each year. All that's standing in the way of putting theses crooks back underground and out of business---is a lack of common sense and public education.

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What can I expect from this site?

Hopefully some information to help you protect yourself from spammers, recognize the current spam out there in circulation, and just be able to gather useful information. The internet has shown that there can be no such thing as "too much information," and it is the hope of this site to become another useful tool to help counteract the illegal and unethical "business marketers." While this site primarily deals with e-mail spam, it also encompasses other resources to help fight some of the other methods of shady "business marketers:" junk faxing & telemarketing. This site is currently in a rebuilding stage as new features are under development. The most active & useful area to date are the forums.

Latest update: 3/22/07

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