This site was started back in January, 2006. As someone who already has a low tolerance for those in our society who spend their lives trying to get ahead by vicitmizing others, I was finally reaching the breaking point when it came to the spam I had to deal with on a daily basis. My level of disgust for these people kept rising & rising, and I was sick of just letting them have their way. I would often Google the spam messages in my in-box to try to learn more about who is sending it, and how many people are as fed-up about it as I am. Sometimes I would find quite alot about a particular spammer, sometimes not.

The other thing that gets me about spam, is why do SO MANY people seem to easily fall for it? It is unfortunate how much money spammers are conning out of people all over the world. There needs to be as much of a "stink" made about these scam artists as possible, to alert as many people as possible to stay away.

This is where my little web server hobby comes into play. I have owned this domain for a decade, using it for a part-time web design business in the mid 1990's, to just being my own space today. With the availablitiy of super speed home fiber connectivity (Verizon FIOS, which I highly recommend if its available in your area), it became possible to take this hobby further and actually run my own home server. What better way to learn the technology than to do it yourself. So I took my old Powerbook G3 out of retirement, and today it still happily runs this domain.

Since the server now sits next to me, I also get to see all the inner workings of mail & web servers that you usually don't get to see. I noticed a few things:

  1. After all is said & done with my spam filters, if I see four spams into my in-box, there were over several hundred that still hit my mail server to try. This is all day, every day.
  2. People attempt to hack into your server from all over the world--all day long, every day.
  3. The search engines spend a lot of time going through the web server to index everything. They are there all day long, every day.

It is that last point that got me to thinking how effective it could be if I could put up whatever information I could find on a particular spammer. My hope was that others would be able to find it through search engines, and be empowered with new information to either--help track them down & prosecute them, know to avoid trying to buy anything from them because they are a scam, or just to feel better knowing they're not the only one dealing with this. And so, the site started with one simple page, archived here. It seemed to work--I was starting to notice search strings for "spam, pharmacy, my canadian pharmacy," and many other strings related to the most common spammers working at the time. After awhile, I started playing with CGI scripts and a freeware message board script for another site, and thought a message board might be useful here.

The message board began to take off, and started to attract a community of knowledgeable people dedicated to help the fight against the spammers and scam artists who are always attempting to stay a step ahead of the law. The board developed a life of its own, and has inspired me to improve and expand the other parts of this site. I hope you find this site useful.