A love story in 11 steps….

Along Gyeongpoho Lake in Gangneung, South Korea is a walking path containing the love story of “Park Sin & Hong Jang” as told through a series of 11 bronze sculptures along the path.

The lake butts up to Gyeongpo Beach. I have not been successful finding anything more about who they were, or if it is even based on a real story. But neat to see it told through sculpture.

One thought on “A love story in 11 steps….

  1. Hi, I am Bob’s school friend who came from Korea and now go to Temple. He introduced your blog since my home country S. Korea is hosting Olympic! I googled it about your question about whether it is real or not. The government websites say that this story is true! They lived in 600 years ago in Chosun, which is old name of Korea. Funny thing is the girl in the story was a courtesan, which makes this story incredible! They loved each other in the society where had the strictest social class.

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