Unification Park and a North Korean Submarine

The day after final strike (pack up) of our TV Trucks, we did more sight seeing in Gangneung. One of the crew heard about a beached North Korean Submarine on display. We unfortunately couldn’t properly convey this to our cab driver, and opted to be dropped off at a luxury hotel figuring we could walk back to it. While walking the SAME driver found us and understood enough of what we wanted to see. He ended up being our tour guide for the Submarine.

About this Submarine: September 15, 1996 this sub with a crew of 28, sent three special agents to land near Gangneung to spy on naval installations in the area. When attempting to retrieve them, the sub became beached, and couldn’t be freed. The crew burned sensitive information and left the sub to try to flee to the DMZ. They never made it. More from Wikipedia.

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It was amazing to see the small size of the interior and how up to 30 people could live and work in here! Unification Park also includes a retired US Navy Battleship given to South Korea after retirement from US Navy. We were too late to explore this, which could have taken hours!


A brief video of what what it was like walking inside a North Korea Submarine. Not something many people will get to do…..unless you visit this park in Gangneung, South Korea.


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