Video Security Services

TebWeb is available to help you with affordable and simple video security and monitoring for businesses, residential and construction progress monitoring and time lapse recording.

We use equipment that is easy to set up, easy to operate with simple monitoring, and have proven to be very robust to harsh environments. They also can work almost anywhere. We have been running a pair of them in the middle of a secluded patch of woods to monitor a local historic structure previously riddled with vandalism. Only thing available is cellular service. The cameras operate solely on battery and solar cells. Now into their second year of service, they have proven their durability being left alone in the woods.

Another project in the community had different needs. Doylestown, PA’s historic and iconic movie theater “The County,” was to undergo a dramatic expansion of the original 1938 art deco style building. One of the biggest construction projects in recent years, this project was also funded mostly through grants of public donations to the non-profit theater. Two cameras would provide multiple purposes–securing the site, remote project monitoring by contractors and general public, and provide time lapse videos as the project progresses. Eventually the final time lapse will be projected “on the big screen” to moviegoers, so video quality was important.

The cameras in use are not only robust for harsh weather environments, but produce 2k images worthy of theater projection quality. Every minute during construction hours, each camera sends frames back to one of TebWeb’s servers, where they are archived for the time lapse. That’s about 5,000 images per week, per camera, for about a year! Project due to be completed by end of this year.

Every set up has different needs, and TebWeb can utilize a variety of equipment and resources to install what will work best in each situation. Contact us through the form at bottom of the page!