First and foremost, TebWeb Innovations founder is a supporter of our local community in Doylestown, PA. The current phase of TebWeb Innovations started as a part time venture doing mostly volunteer video productions for various civic, non-profit and local activism projects. 

Volunteering in my community has always been very important to me. I love creating video. I thought I would be most useful in contributing to the Doylestown area by doing what I am skilled at doing, and enjoy immensely.

–Thomas Brunt, Owner of TebWeb Innovations

Below is just a sample of how TebWeb Innovations has volunteered services to support Doylestown. Everyone involved with the following videos were also volunteers. Stop by our YouTube or Vimeo pages for the full collections.

Doylestown’s first ever Diwali Festival, held in November, 2021.
With the pandemic cancelling in person events, the annual tree lighting, normally packing the streets with people, had to be presented in a different way in 2020.
An all volunteer effort to clean up a long neglected historic gem of a structure nestled inside a patch of woodlands.
The Doylestown Historical Society hosted many programs to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of WWI. This restoration of a 1922 fountain was one of the projects.
The 2017 Doylestown area “Ride of Silence” which honors those injured or killed while cycling, and promotes car/cycling safety.
Doylestown’s annual Arts Festival draws thousands each year.