Creative Tech Solutions

What do we mean by this? It means combining production skills with a technical mindset. It means finding ways to produce content using creative video techniques. We aren’t afraid to try something new if it will produce the results we–and our clients–seek. Having a background both in production and engineering–TebWeb Innovations can combine those two skills to create cost effective techniques to offer to clients. Here are just a few examples:

Multi Camera Live Streaming

In 2020, we were tasked to create a live stream of a normally open to the public classic car show. In a COVID year, this event had to become virtual. Cars traversed a route through town that had to be shown live on Facebook for viewers, since no crowds could gather. We found a way to do this with mobile phones as cameras, open source software, our own servers, and a dedicated group of volunteers. Feeds were switched from TebWeb’s office. The announcers were also off site at their own home. More about this.

Excerpts from the 3 hour live stream.

Long Duration Time Lapse

Promotional video by Reolink.

For this project, we utilized off the shelf WiFi security cameras. The cameras sent an image once every minute to our server, which collected them for the duration of construction–18 months! Approx. 20,000 images each month that were combined to create a video. The end result worked so well that it drew the attention of the camera manufacturer, who featured us as part of a worldwide promo campaign. More about this.

Need a Camera Mount–Print One!

We utilize 3D Printing as much as we can. Having the capability to quickly make a part or a special mount for a camera or production tool for our projects is both time and cost conscious. It also means we can customize for any situation. More about this. Need help with a special part? We can help you with our 3D printing services.

Everything here was 3D printed (except the GoPro cameras!)

Speaking of Camera Mounting……

Unique viewpoints.

We need to make customized mounts because we love finding unique camera views for our projects. This video features some of our creativity that we use to help our clients. We use everything from traditional production cameras to GoPros, 360 camera systems, and even iPad mobile apps.

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