Plugging away with the 360 Camera Light

March 20, 2020 0 Comments

Like so many others around the world, the COVID-19 virus has a big impact on the normal way of life. My normal “day career” as a mobile broadcast engineer, is on hold indefinitely, leaving lots of extra time at home.

So, keeping busy with further work on the prototypes and publicity campaigns. One of the things I need to do is get the prototype into some hands other than mine. More field testing!  At the time this is posted, there is currently only ONE prototype of the Flash unit that I plan to bring to market first. I can’t send that out–I might need it myself as I do further work with the Product Design Company I’ve contracted. So, “print another one.” It will have the same form factor and features of the current one, sans key FOB remote. It is now fully controlled via an iOS App. 

Click on the video to the left, formatted for Instagram stories–to see more of my comments. 

Speaking of mobile apps, I am also using the time to learn how to code an Android version of the app. This way I can include more field testers to get more valuable feedback on how to tweak things (like the app). All of this will prove helpful when I eventually move forward to the manufacturing level, and ensure that things work as they were designed to be. 

Android App under development.
iOS (Apple) App completed.

For more information about the CL360 Camera Light for 360 cameras, visit the website at