Presenting 360 Photo Art to the community

October 4, 2018 0 Comments

Recently, I entered some of my “cropped 360” photos into a local photography exhibition. Cropped 360 photos are flattened single viewpoints of a 360 image, able to be presented to a  2D photo world as traditional photography is. Of 4 images I presented, one was chosen for the print exhibition, where it will be hanging on a wall amongst many fantastic photography art from the best in the area. I shot this with a Ricoh THETA S camera, and manipulated it through their software to create the final effect. Here is the finished image selected for the exhibition, along with the happy news I received in my e-mail:

This is the control panel of a TV Production Switcher, specifically a Grass Valley Kayenne, from the US Mobile Unit I work on as a broadcast engineer. Of the 4 images I entered, this was the one I least expected would get it, and it turned out to be the only one to make it. I’m humbled to share the wall space with truly great photographers and amazing photo works. I also see this as an opportunity to promote 360 photography to the public, showcasing another use of the technology. Below is the original VR viewable version of the scene:

The exhibit takes place at the Pennsylvania Center for Photography in my town of Doylestown, PA. They will also present everyone in an online gallery. Visit them at
And if you’re curious, here are all four of what I submitted: